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3commas with PABS Signals

3commas is a good auto trading service for trading on PABS signals. Although we do recommend using Zignaly with our signals (it is free and supports much more settings).

In order to subscribe to our signals you need to register on 3commas. Pay for a 3commas subscription (we recommend the Pro plan) and pay for a PABS provider subscription.

Before sign-in you should check out our Last signals report on the PABS signaller page.

3commas Setup

How to setup 3commas

Use 3commas Quickstart Guide or 3commas Help Center to sign up for 3commas and add your Binance account to it. All funds must be transferred to BTC, because our bot trades only in BTC pair. You also need to monitor your BNB balance and replenish it from time to time. It's for pay Binance's fees.

PABS Signals

After paying for the 3commas subscription and subscribing to PABS signals you need to set up which targets and stops you are going to use. You can try these settings to get started. They work quite well, but we haven't tested them for a long time. Therefore, it would be desirable to adjust them to your needs, based on the results.

On the Main settings page you need to check:

  • Bot type is Composite and set BTC_ALL Pairs or select coin pairs based on Risk and Profit list.
  • Choose Base order size equal to about 8% (or less) of your BTC deposit.
  • Select Start order type as Limit.
  • Select Deal start condition our PABS signals.

After that, all the necessary settings will be made.

The peculiarities of 3commas

3commas does not support Buy zone and Limit orders with fixed price. We send a buy signal and we do not know what price you will get.

3commas does not support targets, stoploss and trailing stops. You must set this in the settings on your side (in 3commas settings) and the same for all signals.

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