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Cornix with PABS Signals

In order to subscribe to our signals you need to register on Cornix, pay for a Cornix subscription (we recommend the Intermediate plan) and pay for PABS for Cornix subscription in Telegram.

Cornix Setup

How to setup Cornix

Use Cornix Quickstart Guide to sign up for Cornix and add your Binance account to it. All funds must be converted to BTC and USDT and transfered to Spot and Futures based on your prefered type of trading. You also need to monitor your BNB balance and replenish it from time to time. It's for pay Binance's fees.

PABS Signals

After you pay for Cornix subscription and subscription to PABS Signals you practically do not need to set up anything additionally, because we send all necessary data for trading in each signal.

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