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Zignaly with PABS Signals

We allow you to trade automatically using our signals through the Zignaly platform.

If you have not used Zignaly before, we recommend that you read the documentation and use the Zignaly support chat. A lot of questions have already been asked there and there are already answers.

The specific of Zignaly: does not support the buy zone, but only one buy price. We send the minimum price that was before the signal was sent. Usually it is either equal or slightly less than the top price of our buy zone. Zignaly also has its own implementation of stoploss (does not use OCO-orders and does not place stop orders on the exchange). Quite often the stoploss is triggered with a delay of up to 15 minutes after the price has reached this level. This may result in additional losses.

Before sign-in you should check out PABS BTC Free, PABS USDT Free and PABS Futures Free analytics.

Zignaly Setup

How to setup Zignaly with PABS Signals

Use Zignaly Quickstart Guide to sign up for Zignaly.

PABS Free is the easiest and free way to start automatic trading on our signals. Fully automated trading, no additional configuration is required and no bot tuning and monitoring is required.

PABS Free only works with Zignaly Binance Exchange account. You need to create it and refill it with BTC or USDT.

Simple steps: open PABS BTC Free, PABS USDT Free or PABS Futures Free page in Zignaly, click on the "Copy This Trader" button, set specify how many BTC or USDT you want to provide for PABS trading and type "transfer" word into the field. After clicking on the "Transfer Funds" button the trade will begin. Wait for the new signals to appear.

You can learn more about how to connect to profit-sharing providers in the Zignaly documentation.

The specific of Zignaly spot trading: There is no option to use BNB to pay Binance fee and there is no option to convert the remaining coins into BNB. Any remaining coins that remain in the Zignaly account count as a trading loss. Based on these incorrect calculations, the profitability of PABS Free is also calculated and payments to subscribers are made.

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