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We are engaged in trading in cryptocurrencies,
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Who We Are

We are a group of cryptotraders with a single vision for the future development of the crypto industry.

We are a group of cryptotraders with trading experience in the Forex and futures and options markets since 2014. And also with experience in cryptocurrency trading since the beginning of 2017. We worked in financial adviser companys and in bank's anlalytics department. Now we are fully focused on the crypto market and see a great future in it. We are freelancers and we work for ourselves from every place in the world. Parts of our group currently living in Poland, US and Thailand. And working with people from Russia, China, US and other world!

We love crypto! We think about cryptocurrencies and cryptoprojects 24 hours and 7 days per week. In two years of rapid immersion in the cryptocurrency market, we have learned many many mistakes on ourselves and now we can say with confidence that we know the crypto world! We know how it work and how we will get profit from it.


When developing a trading strategy, we take into account global fundamental factors, the global news background and the general moods of both major whales and the bulk of traders.

The developed strategy allows you to understand where the crypto market is going in the long run (from 6 months).

Trends and News

When short-term trading (intra-day or for up to two weeks) we orient in the framework of the global strategy and on a daily news background, coming and going at the moment of the event.

We constantly monitor opinion leaders, news services, cryptanalysts and social networks in search of relevant and really important for trade information.


We accumulate a huge amount of information for a long period of time on our servers about trading on crypto-exchanges: exchange depths, transactions, changes.

This data allows us to simulate trading strategies and adapt them to the current market realities.

Strategy Results

We analyzed all our completed trades. Based on the results of each trade, we can see both the pros and cons of our trading strategy.

Adapting a trading strategy to achieve maximum results is our initial goal.

What We Do

Trading on crypto-exchanges can not be without automation.

We develop our own solutions to increase profits from trading on crypto-exchanges. It's news aggregators, signals agregators and analytics, service analytics and trading bots. We have all we need instruments for trading on long term or short term distance.

News Aggregator

We agregate in real-time mode news from 70 news sites, 800 Twitter accounts and 250 Telegram communities. We collect them in a single tape for further analysis.

Analysis of news and opinions of the cryptocommunity is very useful when choosing coins, which are currently the most interesting for investment.

Analytics Aggregator

We agregate in real-time mode all trade ideas from TradingView, 250 Twitter accounts and from 150 Telegram channels.

Based on the average predictions of cryptanalysts, they can see in what direction most crypto traders expect movement.

Signals Aggregator

We collect signals from 200 Telegram channels for further analysis and the formation of our own trading signals.

We also analyze publication places in order to identify the most qualitative and effective signals.

Cryptotrading Bots

We develop our own cryptocurrency trading bots, which for a long time showed only profit. It does not matter whether the cryptocurrency market is falling or growing.


We also have a consulting department. We will help you choose the right partners in the cryptosphere. From development teams, marketers, managing managers to the selection of cryptocurrency funds.


We have a unique experience in promoting a number of ICO and crypto projects in the SMM channel. If you were looking for a partner in this direction, then we can be useful to you.


We generated most profitable signals. You can check it!

Here are all our signals for the last 7 days (excluding the last 24 hours).

stop bought price current price target 1 target 2 target 3 target 4 status profit
And here is our last month summary report (PABS April 2022), 119 signals and total profit +1319%.

We support integration with Zignaly, 3commas, CryptoHopper and Cornix automated trading services. Compare services and choose the one that suits you best. And we have a self-developed trading bot based on the same strategy.

Profit percentage for 7 days
Profitable Signals
Signal Accuracy Percentage
Happy VIP-subscribers


For those who want to get much more profit

Here is the superiority of VIP-members over ordinary users:

All Signals

We place only 8% of our signals on our public channel only 8% of ours signals. In VIP you receive all signals (about 10-15 signals per day). You will get more signals and will get more profit!


In VIP-channel you can receive signals without delay, as soon as the signal is active. In our public channel we publish signals with a delay of 6 to 30 minutes.

24 hours, 7 days

Our signals team working all time (days, nights and weekends too). VIP-channel's members trading hard, without rest!


You get access to our VIP chat (for all VIP members). Our team members have also joined the chat room and can help you in your trading activities.

VIP-—Āhannel subscription price:

Bitcoin / month
it's about US dollars
Pay for subscription
with cryptucurrency

refund is possible within 24 hours

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