PABS Signals

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Before you start trading with PABS signals we recommend you to read the description of signals, trading statistics for previous months. You can then sign up for a free trial subscription and try trading.

If you are not an advanced user and have been trading crypto for less than a year, then we recommend that you use Zignaly (PABS Free or PABS Copy).

Comparison table

Choose the best option for you

PABS bot Zignaly 3commas Crypto Hopper Cornix
Automaticaly trading
manual trading only
Control or tuning required
Minimum deposit $6 $1 $300 $6 $6 $6 $6
Signals All
Best (by accuracy)
Entry Support buy zone
Support limit orders
Support entry price from signals
Position size any 4% 6.6% any any any any
Targets All targets
Best targets (by average result)
Only one target
Targets price
Targets in percentages
Stop loss Support stop loss
Different stop losses for all signals
Stop loss price from signals
Stop loss percent
Trailing stop
Move stop after target hit
PABS monthly fee from $11 or free free $40 $40 $28.5 $23 free
Monthly fee for services free from $14.5 from $16.5 from $26.9

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